"We had to withdraw from the promise to sell": the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted many real estate projects

The doubt remains.A little more than four months after the deconfinement, households are still sailing on sight, worried about the evolution of the real estate market, on which the pandemic due to the coronavirus has consequences that are still difficult to assess., the Covid-19 literally stopped their plans for life, for the future.

"I had a purchase project, however impossible to achieve during confinement, which has become impossible to achieve at all," summarizes Stéphanie.Newly employed, still in a trial period, she is thinking of buying.But, two weeks after the deconfinement, her company fired her:

“With my employer's revenue outlook dire, he cut off the easy-to-cut branches and simply deleted this newly created position in February.I can't fault him, I would have done the same."

Her status changes, she becomes persona non grata for any credit organization and must put aside her purchase plan.

Banks more reluctant to grant loans

Agathe (assumed name) and her companion want to move to a larger community, in Levallois-Perret (Hauts-de-Seine).A year and a half ago, they began their research:

"We finally find in June an apartment that we like, at an almost reasonable price for the sector.Our offer at the accepted price, we immediately put ours up for sale, at the end of June.We are then confident, both on the selling ours and getting a loan."

But in July and August, their apartment registers very few visits.Apparatus for the first week of September, very calm.The couple learns then that their requests for loans are refused "on the pretext that [the] banks do not examine any more again.file "or because they require that their property is already sold to grant them a loan.Two salaries, stable jobs and no banking incident allowed them to constitute a" good "file, according to the brokers.

Posted Date: 2021-01-05

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